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About ICM

ICM is a member of The Missionary Church International (TMCI) who is based in the United States of America. We are also a member of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ). Currently ICM has 9 churches within Zimbabwe  and South Africa 

Our church is a very special family-like, lively and multi-cultural community. Our goal is to produce a whole man:

Bishop Emmanuel Bawa and Rt Rev Juliet Bawa
Bishop Emmanuel Bawa and Rt Rev Juliet Bawa

Spiritually mature and well-grounded in God's word so as to be able to apply it in day to day life experiences

Socially relevant yet upholding true Christian values as a light and salt to the world so as to be a true witness of Christ in their sphere,

Economically empowered and able to sustain themselves, their families, assist the poor and other members of society, and contribute to the work of the furtherance of God's kingdom through various activities of Immanuel Chapel Ministry

Physically healthy in order to work, participate and contribute to the various spheres of life through their God given gifts and talents and;

Psychologically sound to be able to conduct themselves and interact with others both with others both in the christian and circular communities rationally, sensibly, lawfully and with wisdom in order to be shining beacon of light to the world