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B L E S S I N G S: Through The Man of God


DATE: Sunday 16 July 2017

MESSAGE: 10 Blessings Through The Man

SPEAKER: Bishop Emmanuel Bawa

MAIN SCRIPTURES: Exodus 17:9 - 15, Galatians 6:6 - 7




  1. There is a Strong blessing when you pray for your Pastor

     - when things happen in his life it also happens in your life (Exodus 17:9 - 15)

  • As long as He/she is lifted up in prayer, things will start to happen in your life (physical + spiritual).

  1. There is a BIG blessing when you speak well about your Pastor - you attract those BIG blessings in your life.

    - Make your pastor the best pastor in the world.

    -David said touch not the anointed of God.

- Don't fall into the temptation of speaking ill of the man of God.

  1. There is a Big blessing that opens Big Doors when sow into your pastor (Galatians 6:6 - 7).

4.There is a great blessing of working for God without being sent or begged or depending on a group.

- Be wise and seeek those things which bring blessings in your life.

      - Caleb said as for me and my family we shall serve the Lord........

  1. There is a blessing that remove curse(s), sickness when we honor the anointing on your Pastor.

  2. There is a blessing that will take you higher and far when you are able to see what others can't see in the ministry.

  3. There is a blessing of a blessing when you bless your Pastor.

8.There is a blessing that will catapult your business, finances and eye of an Eagle that can see very far where others can not; only when you do what the Man of God will say or tell you.

 - Jesus' mother at the wedding at Cana said; "do what he tells you to do."

- Some of the things of God don't make sense.

  1. There is a blessing in knowing that the servants of God carry your blessings.