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ICM Waterfalls

Our main assembly in Waterfalls is located on a one and half acre piece of land. On the land we have erected a temporal shelter which is made up of iron sheets for roofing supported by poles from trees that were cut down to clear the land for the building, and is covered round the sides with canvas tent material. The shelter has a sitting capacity of 600 people and we are to build a 1000 sitter facility with preschool classes, bible school classes, kitchen and dining hall. We are confident that God will provide the resources necessary to build

Muda Rural Community Centre

About 70km out of Harare ICM owns 3acres of land in a poor rural farming community called Muda in Chihota. Our intention is to build a community centre with a church, preschool and camping site. This community centre will be the hub of our rural sustainable development projects in Chihota. We believe God will supply every need to accomplish this task

Hopely Assembly

ICM also has an assembly in Hopely - a newly developed community

Partson Farms Church  and Christian School

ICM has established a church on Partson Farm outside of Harare, and in October 2016 opened a Christian school.