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DATE: Sunday 8 April 2018


SPEAKER: Rt Rev J. Bawa

MAIN SCRIPTURE(S): Genesis 17:1 - 14, Exodus 4:24 - 26, 1 Corinthians 11:25



God changed His name from Abram to Abraham so that it would align with the new covenant.

God was going to make Abraham dominate through the new covenant.

The blessings were going to go from generations to generations!

There was to be a tangible component of the covenant (through circumcision, Genesis 17:10)

It represented what was going to come through the men who had to undergo circumcision.

We were already in the plan of God before the coming of Jesus Christ.

In a "circumcision", blood is shed. This was identical to what Jesus was going to do by shedding His blood for us on the cross. Where there is blood there is LIFE.

Hence the covenant was marked with blood and was not to be broken.

There is also the covenant of marriage. In the original plan of GOD it was not to be broken as it was to permanent and broken by death.

There is also the covenant of friendship as it should not be broken as well.

When we receive Jesus Christ in a way we are being circumcised in the inner man.

He is a covenant-keeping God, but if we don't keep it - it won't work for us (covenant). We will no longer be protected by it as we have walked out of it.

The POWER OF THE BLOOD is still strong.