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ICM Projects

Over 70 percent of our country's population is living in poverty. Zimbabwe's population is basically split into town categories i.e the urbanites (those that live in cities) and the rural folk. Over 90% of the rural population are living in abject poverty and as such there has been significant rural-urban migration which has resulted in the cities being over populated. This has been worsened by high unemployment rate which is currently at over 90% of the urbanites. As such, over 90% of the urbanites are living in poverty. With this in mind, ICM seeks to move away from handing out food and money as a alleviating poverty because after the food and money run out the people will return back to their poor state. ICM therefore intends to implement projects that will give both the rural and urban people a source of revolving and sustainable income.
Such projects include:
• Dressmaking and tailoring
• Horticulture
• Life Skills Training
• Chicken, pig and goat rearing projects

                        ... just to mention a few