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DATE: Sunday 6 August 2017

MESSAGE: Do Not Give A Place To The Devil

SPEAKER: Server Shadreck Haruzivi

MAIN SCRIPTURES: Revelation 20:2, 7 & 8; Luke 22:31 - 33




 How Do We Give A Place To The Devil

  1. Impatience

    - Inability to wait for the Lord.

    - This is one of the greatest traps that is affecting us in the modern day.

     - Because of impatience King Samuel, failed to listen to the instructions of the Lord through the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 13:7 - 9)

    - Guard against it!

  2. Lust

    - Through staying behind instead of going to war with his army, King David was led into the lust of Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11).

  3. Deception

    Through deception the devil has placed a foothold in our lives (Revelations 20:2,7,8 & John 10:10).

  4. Pain

    - The devil did not acknowledge God's protection around Job, but he looked for a way to attack him (Job 1:1,6 - 12 & Job 2:1 - 11).

    - We need God's protection around us.

    - The devil likes to attack our future through "self condemnation".


    - The devil made Ananias and Saphira to lie before the Lord which made them to die (Acts 5:3).

  5. Conclusion

    - Let's live a life of obedience and under the protection of God.